About Brand

My name is Jana and I have always been fascinated working with my hands. I started the idea of my brand while studying at Tartu Art College. I was looking for an alternative to stitches as part of my school work, at first I tested screw rivets, but then I found bolts. After the first tests, I realized that if I wanted to offer maximum quality and user-friendliness, it was necessary to use stitches in certain places, but the bolts had come to stay.
I did internships at leather design companies in Estonia and Spain.
And started my own brand at 2019.
Material and Design
Jana Jaanson Design bags are handmade with a passion for traditional craftsmanship and innovative design. Useing high-quality vegetable tanned leather which is made by useing natural tannins found in trees, fruits, and plants. Vegetable tanned leather is long-lasting and will serve you for years, developing a natural patina over time. The bags are screwed together by bolts to give a strong shape and personality. Combined with various effect skins to add shine. Bags have magnetic closure and you can change the straps of the bag according to your mood, outfit or season.
Environmental friendliness
Brands main values are quality, durability and functionality. Which go hand to hand with modern design and style. It is very important for me that my bags are made environmentally friendly and the waste of material is minimal, cuts of the bag are made and arranged in such a way that the valuable material can be used to the maximum. Small pieces of leather turn into accessories that you can match with the bags or wear separately. All ideas are born and realized in my home studio.
Believing that a given name affects our personality and identity, all the names of the bags and accessories are inspired by the initials of the brand - JJ - named after women's or men's names that start with the letter J, giving the bag a piece of its maker.