About Materials

Over the last few years, people have started preferring natural and durable products. This massive shift in customer preferences has increased the purchase of leather products. 
Here, I will share with you what kind of materials I use and what are the benefits of leather products.
Vegetable-tanned leather is made using a special process that harnesses the power of natural tannins. Vegetable tanning is one of the oldest tanning techniques. It is perfect for manufacturing thick and durable bags. The slow and lengthy traditional method for processing the veg-tanned leather hides means that the products keep on softening and developing a patina as they grow old.
Reasons to Use Vegetable Tanned Products
High Durability
vegetable-tanned leather handbags can stay so long that people of different generations can use them. Thus, vegetable-tanned products are the perfect choice if durability matters to you the most.
Veg tanned leather hardly gets damaged, but you may face an issue with stitching/fastening after repeated use. In such a situation, you can fully repair and make them look new again.
Eco friendly
Vegetable-tanned leather products are not risky for the environment after you dispose of them because of their natural origin and features.
Pleasant Smell
People love to buy and use vegetable-tanned leather products because of their natural smell, looks, and surface.
Natural Characteristics
Most of the veg-tanned leather goods have only an oiled, polished, or waxed surface.
The natural grain leather surface, created naturally by the wool/hair pattern, stays visible.
Graceful Aging
As the origin of veg tanning is 100% natural, vegetable-tanned leather changes a little over time with repeated use. The change depends on the combination of tannins used and applied on any finish, which has been put on the exterior.
Vegetable-tanned products darken a bit in daylight. They also develop a patina, which enhances the overall look as they age.
Chrome tan leather
To give bags and accessories shine and personality, I also use chrome leather in my creations. By combining different colors. If you wish, you can change the straps of the bag according to the season or outfit.
Chrome leather is thinner and softer, water repellant, offers more options for different colors, and is more stain and heat resistant.
The bags are assembled with stainless steel bolts, the steel nuts have a special anti-vibration ring inside, designed for installation in moving places.